Demand of Data Analytics Experts in coming years

The demand of Advance Analytics Experts and Big Data Analytics Experts is growing and it will take years to fill this gap. According to survey ‘InformationWeek, 2012 IT staffing survey’ conducted byInformationWeek, it is expected that there will increase in demand for experts in Big Data Analytics to 30% or more in coming two years. But it is also expected that the industries will not be able to find the right person. It means there will be a gap in demand and supply for skilled people in Analytics. So, it is a good opportunity and right time to learn Analytics to get absorbed by this industry.

Now, a question will arise in your mind that what are Advance Analytics or Big Data Analytics, and how to learn it. Advance Analytics is all about the statistical analysis and predictive modeling. The statistical Analysis involves different statistical tests like ANOVA, TTEST, REGRESSION, and CORRELATION etc. The predictive modeling involves preparing a model based on past data to see what’s coming and take action before its too late. To know all these you know software tool like SAS, Excel, SPSS, R etc. Currently SAS is the market leader in Analytical tool, holding 35.2% market share alone (as per 2011, IDC).

Big Data Analytics involves analytics on big data. The more data you use more accuracy you will get in the prediction. Now a days, there is lot of buzz about handling big data. Companies cannot ignore the rising of big data in the world of facebook, twitter, smartphones and so on. We are moving towards Zetta bytes of information. And once again to perform any type of analysis on these you need exposure of statistical analysis and statistical tool.

In nutshell, we can say that learn at least one statistical software tool and get the benefit of first mover/early mover advantage in the growing market of Analytics.


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Dyuti is an Analytics Enthusiast. She is an MBA in Finance and B.E in Computer Science. She has years of experience in the field of Analytics and is also the Co-founder, CEO, Nikhil Analytics. She has prior worked with companies like HCL Technologies, Deutsche Bank ,WNS, Reliance Capital etc.

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