Can you being a Non-Technical Guy make Career in Analytics Data Science and Machine Learning?

Are you from a Non-Technical, Core Branches such as Engineering in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical etc. or from a Non Coding background such as B.Sc, B.Com, B.A Humanities, BBA, MBA? And still confused whether can you make career in Analytics Data Science & Machine Learning with at least 30–60% average hike in your salary?

Good News is that you can make the best and successful career in Analytics Data Science & Machine Learning with the hike from your existing salary.

Then let’s find out what existing skills you have and new skills you have to develop to make career in Analytics Data Science and Machine Learning.

1. Maths & Logical Reasoning Skills:

Maths & Logical Reasoning Skills would make your out of box thinking capabilities and Numerical Abilities very Strong and to make career in Analytics this is very important component. You will be very happy to know that you already have average to strong mathematical skills. How? You have developed these skills by studying maths in class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. Many of you have even studied mathematics in your graduation as well.

In case you still feel that you want to further develop your math skills then I suggest you to consistently solve Puzzles, Sudoku, and Aptitude questions. This would help you to make your mind mathematically and logically bent.

We also have an article on What Top 13 Important topics in Math you must prepare for Aptitude test for Analytics and Data Science openings?

2. Work Experience & Soft Skills:

Many of you are experienced guys and worked in corporate and acquired important soft skills which very much required while making career in this domain such as:

  • Domain Knowledge of Industry & Business (such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Ecommerce, IT, Finance, Marketing, HR, Education etc)
  • Professional Behavior & Work Culture
  • Communication Skills and Skills required to work in a Team
  • Email Etiquettes and report writing skills
  • Client Interaction Skills

Now many of you are fresher’s as well who have just passed out from a college. How you guys can develop above skills? You can join an internship to develop these skills.

Now let’s find out what are the new skills which you can learn, develop or acquire to make career as Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

1. Learn at-least one Database:

Most of the time for industries such as Banks Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Retail etc data will be there in Databases. To interact with databases such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, DB2, Sybase, MySQL etc Data Analysts and Data Scientists must know SQL. Using SQL, Data Extraction, Manipulation and Analysis can be done.

2. Learn at-least 2 Programming languages:

To do Data Manipulation, Data Analysis and for implementing Machine Learning Models you must learn computer science programming languages such as Python, R, SAS etc. with appropriate hands on. You also must be able to understand and implement which programming will be applicable in which scenario.

3. Learn Statistical Concepts and Techniques:

You have to learn statistical concepts for analyzing and interpreting the results of statistical and machine learning models then only you will be able to tell what exactly your data is confessing.

4. Learn Reporting & Data Visualization Tools:

After doing result interpretation if you are not able to explain and make understand your findings to your clients, higher management and other stakeholders then it is of no use. Hence here comes the necessity of learning Data Visualization Tools such as MS Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview etc. Using these tools you can represent your findings in terms of graphs, charts and Dashboard. MS Excel is one of the very important tool which is widely used across every industry and domain for generating day to day simple reports to advance reports and is used for getting insights out of the data and many more. Hence this tool cannot be ignored at any case.

5. Test your skills regularly, Participate in Competitions & Hackathons:

Make sure to assess your skills by solving assignments, give regular tests & assessments and get it evaluated. You can even have a mentor who can help you in assessing your skills time to time.Participate in a competition and hackathon conducted by various Online sites such as Kaggle, Analytics India Magazine, Analytics Vidhya etc.

6. Passion and Dedication:

Last but not the least, to learn and acquire new skills you require lot of passion and dedication and it’s there with you that’s why you are reading this article till the end. Hence Keep your morale high and if you are passionate and spending your time on acquiring these new skills with full dedication then for sure no one can stop you to make career in Analytics Data Science & Machine Learning.

I give my thumbs up to you..!!! Go ahead and achieve your dream to make career in this domain.

You can connect with me on LinkedIN and discuss your concerns.

Thank you,

Best Regards

Dyuti Lal

About the Author

Dyuti is an Analytics Enthusiast. She is an MBA in Finance and B.E in Computer Science. She has years of experience in the field of Analytics and is also the Co-founder, CEO, Nikhil Analytics. She has prior worked with companies like HCL Technologies, Deutsche Bank ,WNS, Reliance Capital etc.

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