What Should I Do Next After Completing Online or Offline Training in Analytics and Data Science?

Many of you have completed Online or Offline Training in Analytics and Data Science but now what next to be done. This question and confusion almost every one of you have in your mind. You do not know how to get interview calls. If somehow you are getting a few interview calls you are unable to crack that and your golden opportunity is wasted. You feel you are stuck and no one is there to guide you and take you out from this deadlock. For your benefit these are the following paths which undertaken can help you to monetize your skill as well as outshine you in your career in Analytics and Data Science.

1. Join an Internship

You can undertake internship in an online or offline mode to gain more hands on. This will help you to

1. get the knack of how the work can be done from scratch,

2. understand and attention to small details that matters while working,

3. clears your doubt what you might have while doing the training,

4. get practical and hands on exposure,

5. start delivering the work under given time constraint,

6. add value in your resume

Make sure while doing internship you have a mentor who guides you, with whom you can discuss your doubts, projects and get the feedback on regular interval. Companies are looking for candidates with relevant hands-on. Internship gives you that edge and all the companies welcome candidates with internship experience. Joining an Internship can prove to be a game changing move in your career.

You can join Online/Offline Internship or Online/Offline Analytics/Data Science Course from Nikhil Analytics.

Intrested Candidates can know more about the course/Internship by filling this form.

2. Test your skill and knowledge

Now it’s time to test your level of skills which you have developed by doing the training by giving assessments, solving challenges. In case your training providers do not have this facility then you can use different sites which provides online test.

3. Participate in Hackathons

Participating in a Hackathon from sites such as

1. Kaggle,

2. CrowdAnalytix,

3. Analytics Vidya,

4. Analytics India Magazine,

5. TechGig etc

Participating in a Hackathon gives you following ideas and benefits such as

1. How a challenge can be solved in a stipulated time,

2. How to solve the challenge and present your solution in a group,

3. Many times you are awarded with a certificate and cash prizes,

4. If you do well your name will be present in the leaderboard and become visible,

5. Many companies use hackathon to recruit candidate as well hence it can land you to a job etc

4. Host and showcase your project in Github

Codes or Projects which you have done till date can be uploaded to your Github account. You can share the link to your prospective employer. It will give them the idea what kind of codes you have written and what is your level of understanding.

5. Connect with peers in Analytics and Data Science Community

Join various groups related to Analytics and Data Science in LinkedIN and facebook. See what kind of challenges and solutions are discussed. Learn from the discussion. Connect with people in the group, network with them, participate in discussions if you feel you can contribute in solving the challenges.

6. Attend Conferences on Analytics and Data Science

Attending the conferences is one of the best way to

1. learn from industry leaders,

2. know about what different companies have to offer,

3. get a platform to network with the best people in Analytics and Data Science Community,

4. add value in your resume

7. Build your resume, make your profile, attend interviews, and get your dream job

Build your resume resume and make your profile in different Job portals, LinkedIN. In your resume and profile

1. mention your skill sets, github account link (if present)

2. add trainings you have undertaken,

3. showcase your projects which you have done while doing internship,

4. mention the hackathons you have participated if any and how you have attempted to solve the challenge set,

5. mention the list of conferences you have attended, your key learning’s from those conferences.

You can also take the help of an expert while building your resume. This will help you to get lot of highlights among recruiters and chances of getting interview calls will be increased by 100%. Crack the interview and get your dream job.

8. Work as freelancer Online

Make your profile in sites such as

1. Upwork.com,

2. Toptal.com,

3. Freelancer.com,

4. Fiverr.com,

5. Kolabtree.com etc and bid for freelancing projects.

It will help you to monetize your skills and you can earn extra income. Your confidence level also gets boosted..!!!

9. Share your knowledge and experience

By this time you would gain rich experience. Hence it’s time to give back to the community. You can do this by sharing your knowledge and rich experiences by writing articles and uploading videos for the same on Youtube. You can mentor beginners who seek your help. It will also help you to gain visibility and develop authority in Analytics and Data Science Community.

10. Write an ebook

Pick the topic/subject/tool/language in Analytics and Data Science space based on current market trend and your experience. You can write an ebook for the same. This is another way to increase your visibility and monetize your learning.

11. Become a Public speaker

Now it’s the time to be on stage and share your learning’s to masses of Analytics and Data Science community at large. This will help you in following way.

1. You can be approached by many companies to work as consultant,

2. Colleges/Universities will invite you to conduct sessions, workshop,

3. You become a brand which will help you in your next job change, get new assignments,

4. Build an authority to market your company, products and services,

5. Get satisfaction and feel significant of giving back to your community

I hope this article helps and would give you a clear path of what next can be done after completing your training in Analytics and Data Science.

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Thank you,

Best Regards

Dyuti Lal

About the Author

Dyuti is an Analytics Enthusiast. She is an MBA in Finance and B.E in Computer Science. She has years of experience in the field of Analytics and is also the Co-founder, CEO, Nikhil Analytics. She has prior worked with companies like HCL Technologies, Deutsche Bank ,WNS, Reliance Capital etc.

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