Data Science & it’s 10 Real Time Applications

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Data Science is an art or process via which you can analyze the historical trends in the data, uncover the hidden patterns and insights, predict the future outcomes with the help of:

  1. Computer science programming knowledge such as Python, R, SQL, SAS
  2. Software Packages and Tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Power Bi
  3. Statistics Techniques such as Mean, Median, Mode, Std Dev, Regression, Random Forest and many other algorithms
  4. Your Logical and Critical Reasoning skills
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10 Application of Data Science in real time and life around you:

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  1. Fraud Detection  in Banking Transactions and Insurance Claims
  2. Cross Selling and Upselling of Products and Services by Banks, Insurance, Ecommerce
  3. Product Recommendations in Amazon, Flipkart
  4. Movie Recommendation by Netflix, Amazon Prime
  5. Song Recommendations in Spotify
  6. Critical Disease Such as Cancer, Heart attack Prediction by Healthcare and Hospitals
  7. Feature of People you may know in Facebook
  8. Chatbots
  9. Relevant and Targeted Advertisements
  10. Virtual Assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana

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