Google Pay and PhonePe: How they use Data Analytics ?

I hope we are all familiar with GooglePay and PhonePe. Even if we are using one of them or both of them in our daily purchases. They two are India’s two most commonly used methods of making payments. Specially in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Tier-1 cities of India, people use digital payments to buy vegetables, pay cab drivers or auto drivers, pay their monthly bills, and many more.

The amount varies between INR 10 to INR 100,000.  But you know that these service providers use extensive data analytics to solve their business challenges. Let’s learn different usages of Data Analytics on Digital Payment platforms.

Both GooglePay and PhonePe, like many other digital payment platforms, utilize data analytics in several ways to improve their services, enhance security, and personalize user experiences.

Here’s how they may use data analytics:

  • Personalization: They use data analytics to personalize the user experience.

This could include recommending nearby merchants, suggesting relevant offers and discounts based on past transactions, or providing insights into spending habits. Every user wants customized and personalized services which I quite difficult to provide if you have a large customer base. But Analytics will help Google Pay and PhonePe to offer personalized discounts, offers, and recommendations based on customer spending patterns.

  • Customer Support: These platforms regularly collect customer feedback and by analyzing customer interactions and feedback, these platforms can identify common issues, improve support services, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. Customer used to get notifications to update their Apps. These updates are nothing but to smooth customer service and improve the app experience.
  • Operational Efficiency: Again, customer interactions and feedback data are used to improve operational efficiency. Data Analytics is used to improve interactions, transaction processing times, and system performance which further help in optimizing operational processes, improving efficiency, and ensuring smooth service delivery.
  • Transaction Analysis: They analyze transaction data to understand user behavior, such as spending patterns, popular merchants, peak transaction times, etc. This helps them tailor promotions, offers, and recommendations to individual users.
  • Fraud Detection: Data analytics is crucial for detecting fraudulent activities. By analyzing transaction patterns and anomalies, these platforms can identify potentially fraudulent transactions and take appropriate action to mitigate risks.
  • User Segmentation: By segmenting users based on various criteria such as demographics, transaction frequency, or spending habits, they can target specific user groups with customized marketing campaigns and offers.
  • Risk Management: Data analytics helps assess and manage transaction risks. This involves real-time monitoring of transactions, identifying suspicious activities, and implementing measures to prevent fraud or unauthorized access.
  • Compliance and Regulation: Data analytics also plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. By monitoring and analyzing transaction data, these platforms can identify non-compliance issues and take corrective actions.
  • Add-on Services: Google Pay and PhonePe are not only providing digital services but also offering add-on services such as online utility bills, mobile recharge, buying car/bike insurance, investment options, and many more. These services are again using data analytics to engage customers and improve customer experience.

Overall, data analytics is integral to the functioning of digital payment platforms like Google Pay and PhonePe, enabling them to offer personalized, secure, and efficient services to their users while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Note: Please wait for our next articles for update related to Paytm.

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Mr. Alok Ranjan is Educator, Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder of Nikhil Analytics.

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