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Today, the pharmaceutical industry is facing numerous challenges like increased regulatory oversight, rising R&D cost with decreasing productivity, increased digitization in the value chain, etc. The industry is increasingly looking at the concept of cloud, mobility, and social media to rationalize internal costs, facilitate an integration of information and processes across departments and better profiling of clients.

Every business would have silos of business data in its marketing/sales department. This data has hidden treasures. It contains information that can help target right audience more effectively, bring in more efficiency in the sales process and also forecast the future of business. To generate these insights from the large unorganized databases we use business analytics.

Data :

Data contained the Product & location name along with different division names in each state, Units of the product sold in each division of each state, Sales Months & Year, Month in which the product was ordered and Regional Sales Manager Name of the corresponding region along with their target value given by a pharmaceutical company to perform some analysis.

Objective :

Objective was to do :

Sales analysis:


  • Regional Sales Manager wise
  • Product wise
  • Location wise

Target Analysis:


  • Location wise
  • Month wise
  • Comparison between Sales & Target value of each Regional Sales Manager

Analysis Done :

Analysis 1: Each Regional Sales Manager sales for different year’s each month was analysed & chart were generated.


Analysis 2: Each product’s sales for each year was analysed.


Analysis 3: Each location’s total number of unit sold & total Sales value was analysed.


Analysis 4: Location wise comparison was done between total amount of sales & target.


Analysis 5: For sales & target data trend analysis was performed.


Analysis 6: Sales & target were compared for different year.


Result :

For all the analysis respective report was generated along with the graphs. In excel file data with some calculated columns were added and dashboard was created.

Introduction Page:

Sales Dashboard Page:

Target Dashboard Page:


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