Retail Analytics (Customer Survey Report)


The data we had contained customer details & few KYC (Know Your Customer) enquiry answers given by the customers during a survey done by a retail company.


  1. Interpretation needed to be done on the data & In depth analysis in two ways :-
    • Over Region Wise
    • Over Outlet Wise
  2. Increase the Sales of the company & give them profit.

Analysis Done:

Analysis 1: On each query analysis was done to know the review of maximum customers outlet wise and Region wise. 

Analysis 2: Outlet wise analysis was done to know the performance of individual outlet. For Example: where they lack, what is good about them, etc.

Analysis 3: Analysis was done on month wise selling of individual outlet to know which outlet has more selling and which has less selling.

Analysis 4: Then analysis was done on the outlets with less sales to know the reason why the sales are less.

Analysis 5: Analysis was also done on region wise sales in different occasions so that it can be known that on which occasion which region new collections can be put up.

Analysis 6: Analysis was also done on occasion wise sales in each Outlet so that it can be known that on which occasion which outlet new collections can be put up.

Analysis 7: Analysis was done to know that who are the competitors & why customers go to them.

Analysis 8: What can be done to improve the selling in the each outlet was also analysed.



Analysis result were given in report as well as graphical way and with the help of the analysis report & result given to the company they were able to identify the

1. Outlet to introduce new collections on various occasions and time

2. Region and outlet that what needs to be improved and changes needs to be done.

through which the satisfaction & faith of the customers improved and sales increased.

A Sample Example of graph report:


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